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Our Fitness Center showcases the latest in gym equipment to offer the most innovative training programs to our members. We understand everybody is unique and every member has specific health goals, which is why our team of experienced fitness professionals works with you on an individual basis.

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Barre Burn
In this class, we use techniques to help protect your joints. Unlike traditional forms of cardio exercises, there is no bouncing or jumping in Barre Burn. Plus each strengthening move is followed by a stretch to create long lean muscles without bulk.

Cross-Fit for Golf | 7 am - 8 am | Instructor: Paul | Location: GYM
CrossFit For Golf: working through all planes of motion, Crossfit for Golf provides a perfect blend of general fitness mixed with some golf specific movements

Kids Ballet: Will explore the basics of ballet with age-appropriate exercises, movement, and alignment. Kids will explore their creativity. This class lays the foundation for classical ballet and other future dance classes.

Performance 4 Golf | 6:45 am -7:45 am | Instructor: Joelle | Location: Ballroom
Enhance your golf performance by utilizing multiple methods of training from mobility to power—all in a 3-phase system, each lasting 4 weeks.

Phase 1: Posture | Mobility | Stability
Phase 2: Motor Control | Eccentric Strengthening | Sequencing
Phase 3: Strength Specificity | Force Generation | Power Output
@ the Range

Full Body Conditioning
Heart pumping total body exercises designed to improve muscularly
strength and endurance.

Gentle Yoga | 10:30 am - 11:30 am | Instructor: Lois | Location: Fitness Room
A less strenuous form of yoga perfect for those who may not be able to perform
demanding moves, recovering from injury or are simply looking for a more
relaxed/slower workout. Modifications are used in this class.

Pilates | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm | Instructor: Vanessa | Location: Fitness Room
Breath, sweat, energize.
Get energized with this amazing mind and body workout. During this reformer class, you’ll build long and lean muscles, activate the core, and improve flexibility and alignment.

Power 30 | 9:00 am - 9:30 am | Instructor: Paul | Location: GYM
This 30-minute total body routine will combine movements to target the upper and lower body for an efficient and intense workout. During this half-hour session, members will give it all they’ve got and reach their maximum heart rate.

Swim Fit | 5 pm - 6 pm | Instructor: Orestes | Location: Pool
No impact exercise means no joint injuries or repetitive stress. Swim Fit is a fun, fast paced water work out that combines cardio, core, and strength training during different swim stroke. Props are used at the instructor’s discretion. Level of intensity is of the sole discretion of the member.
Cardio / Low Impact / Total Body

Yoga for Golf | 7 am - 8 am | Instructor: Maria | Location: Fitness Room
This specially designed yoga class incorporates specific yoga poses and moves to improve flexibility and movement to help golfers of all abilities.

Yoga | 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm | Instructor: Maria | Location: Fitness Room
Centuries old, Yoga encourages the mind-body connection and helps yogis
harness their inner focus, balance, strength, and flexibility. Beginners to advanced, each yoga participant will progress at a comfortable pace.
**Classes with less than 4 participants are subject to cancellation** 
**All classes are subject to change and/or substitution** 
**Instructor substitutions may occur without notice* 
**All members & guests must sign an “athletics & aquatics waiver” to participate** 
**Appropriate clothing and clean footwear is required**


Fitness Class Fees:
Member $10
Guest $15
Pilates $36 Member / $45 Guest
Pilates & Yoga Privates $120 Member
Fitness Center Fees $15 Guest

For all inquiries contact the Fitness Center at 305.867.2520. Or sign up for a class now.