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Personal Training

Your goals become our goals and together, we work with you on a fitness plan to improve flexibility, build strength, compete in marathons or lose weight.
When you meet with one of our trainers, you’ll discuss what results you seek and the best plan to get you there.

It's vital that you are paired with the best person for your fitness needs to provide you with a superior training experience.

(Regular Price $95/hour or $50/half hour)

30 Pack

*20% Discount
1 Hour Sessions 30 Pack $2280.00
1/2 Hour Sessions 30 Pack $1200.00

20 Pack

*15% Discount
1-Hour Sessions 20 Pack $1615.00
1/2 Hour Sessions 20 Pack $850.00

10 Pack

10% Discount
1-Hour Sessions 10 Pack $855.00
1/2 Hour Sessions 10 Pack $450.00

Personal Training Sessions

$95 per Hour
$50 per 1/2 Hour
$165 per Hour with Joelle Danielle